Ramona Treffers

Oma's Avonturenboek

‘Oma’s Avonturenboek’ (Grandma's Adventure Book) is a dutch picture book about following your heart and your dreams. And mostly about don’t letting your dreams be dreams. Just go for it. Adventure is out there!


Bo & Mo

Bo and Mo are on a vacation to Andalusia, in the south of Spain. When visiting a beautiful large palace, Bo and Mo lose sight of their parents. Fortunately, the wind wants to help with finding them.

Published by ROSE stories, written by Najiba Abdellaoui.

Hoekjes van Geluk

In this picture book the seven year old Sam discovers that happiness feels like your heart is being tickled, that it tastes like just the right amount of cotton candy and that happiness brings new dreams. 

Published by ROSE stories, written by Maryam Hassouni.

Fyra & Lumi

'Fyra & Lumi: de sterbron van Luminosa' is an adventurous story for children aged 9 and up.

Published by Imaginosa, written by Karin Ammerlaan.

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