Ramona Treffers


My name is Ramona and I’m an illustrator and artist from the Netherlands. I’ve always had a passion for bringing stories to life through art. My work is inspired by my deep desire to travel and explore and it often revolves around atmospheric environments in which I love to play around with colour and light. 

Deriving from my interpretation of the world around me, I hope my imagination connects on a personal level and leads you to places you’d love to discover as well!

Currently I am working mainly on children’s books and art for animated films, but I love creating artwork for a wide range of projects. I often find myself drawn to projects that are full of heart, mystery and adventure!

When not drawing, I enjoy watching movies, exploring maps and strolling through forests accompanied by my fellow adventurer, my dog Bao.

Represented by Artbox.


Oma's Avonturenboek (2023)
Self published. Written and illustrated by myself. 

Bo & Mo, verdwaald in de tijd (2020)
Published by ROSE stories. Written by Najiba Abdellaoui.

Fyra & Lumi, de sterbron van Luminosa (2018)
Published by Imaginosa. Written by Karin Ammerlaan.

Hoekjes van geluk (2017)
Published by ROSE stories. Written by Maryam Hassouni.

More Than Winning - series (2014)
Published and written by Lisa Häßy.

Animated films

Camouflage (2021)
Directed by Remco Polman and produced by Jantiene de Kroon.
Role: Background artist.

Vrije Vogel (2016)
Directed by Joyce van Diepen and produced by Corrino Media Group.
Role: Illustrator and visual development artist.

Exhibitions & Events

Spinning Stories Festival
Workshop for children aged 7-9. September 17th, 2023. Read My World, Amsterdam.

Gorcums Museum
Exhibition Gorcums Goed: Regional Roots. October 2022 - January 2023.

Illustrada Festival 2021

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